Andy Matthias

Post Production Freelancer

Katch Ad

A short, high-energy web/social media ad created for Katch performance fishing apparel.

WE Communicate

I was contracted by a media communications company based out of Miami to create an animation of their logo to be used as a quick bumper for videos, social media, etc.

Sun Budder Ad

I was contracted to write, film, and edit a short ad for Oil Me North‘s Sun Budder product. With my expertise mainly being in post production, I took on the challenge of also filming and utilizing unique shots. Check out the blog section to see my behind the scenes of getting the shots I wanted.

Offering mainly post production services I don’t really have a lot of shooting equipment aside from a basic camera setup. So when an opportunity comes up to get a little creative with shots, I will typically take on the challenge. This was one of those situations. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but just needed to figure out what I already had to use at home to make the shot work. A good cruiser skateboard and a smooth plank of wood will always make an impromptu dolly.


I was contacted by the non profit organization WiseTribe to put together some motion graphics elements that could be used for their online presence.

Whole Planet Foundation

This video was written by Whole Foods Market Winter Team Member Lauren Carder to be a training video for Whole Foods Market Team Members, educating them and making them aware of the Whole Planet Foundation. It was lit, shot, edited, colored, and animated by myself. The style I came up with was to be similar to the 1960s Batman television series.