Andy Matthias

Post Production Freelancer

Nicaragua GoPro Edit

Well, I finally got the GoPro out into some real surf. Spent a week down in Nicaragua and surfed various spots around the Popoyo area. All of this footage is from Popoyo reef.
Special thanks to Waves of Love for housing and feeding us for a week.

Velocity Training

I was contracted by Velocity Training to put together an energetic promotional video that showcases their instructors as well as the activities of the training.

Whole Planet Foundation

This video was written by Whole Foods Market Winter Team Member Lauren Carder to be a training video for Whole Foods Market Team Members, educating them and making them aware of the Whole Planet Foundation. It was lit, shot, edited, colored, and animated by myself. The style I came up with was to be similar to the 1960s Batman television series.